About us

Imprint is a production agency with a focus on branding and corporate identity. We believe that the first impression of a company, can decide whether the person looking is going to become your customer or not. And we want to help you with that. Small and midsized companies can often not afford to commission large creative agencies – so that’s where we step in. We can’t do everything that a major ad agency can do, but we can help you impress that customer.

Imprint is founded by two friends. Edward is the creative one and is currently studying marketing communications in Stockholm and has worked professionally as a graphic designer for the last four years. Iiro is the business minded one and is studying and working in Helsinki. Our company is based in Helsinki, but we work wherever we are. All though this site might be in English, we speak Swedish, Finnish and together we can probably even manage in German and French.

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Edward Hultin

Iiro Salonen